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By Rusty
January 21, 2018
Cheapest price out there
Good training tool. Awesome price.
By DuaneT
Marion, NC
May 17, 2017
Great Training Aid
I use Demo Guns in my firearms classes and this one is very realistic and easy for the students to learn safety and proper gun handling techniques with. It is durable and should hold up to years of use.
ProsVery Life like and well made. The color is great.
By steve_k
Snohomish, WA
February 21, 2017
Great Training Aid
I picked up a couple of these for use in training classes. Having a dummy gun is nice because it eliminates all the time of double checking real weapons, dummy barrel swaps, and you can cut off the trigger guard so you don't break fingers during disarm drills. They also fit great in holsters designed for the actual weapon.
ProsPrice, fit, weight.
December 15, 2016
It is exactly what they say it is. A training aid that looks identical to a Glock. The weight is not the same, but it is only a training aid so it's not that big of a deal. Very bright orange. No mistaking it for the real thing. Overall a good product at a reasonable price.
ProsReasonable price compared to other brands Quality product.
ConsI wish it was weighted.
By Matthew
Pueblo, Co
September 30, 2016
Great for Training
High quality. Works great in holsters.
By Citizen Kane
Lost Angels, CA
August 15, 2016
"Make ready for live fire."
Equal in quality to the "blue" guns, but at a lower price.
By Joel
May 6, 2016
Great training tool!
I use this Blackhawk Glock demonstration gun to practice concealed carry draws and gun disarms in Martial Arts and self defense classes... Definitely worth adding to your training tool collection.
By John
Ft. Collins, CO
April 30, 2016
What can you say about Demo guns?
I recently purchased and deployed three (2 Glock 17, Sig 226) "Blackhawk Demo Gun" to the classroom. In my work as a firearms instructor, I've found that demo guns come and go. They get put into packs and forgotten, or someone decides they want their own, for what ever reason it's not uncommon for them to leave the classroom. These demo guns provide the realistic shape, work with your holsters and accessories, and cost half the price of the Blue Gun....half the price, Does the same thing... I wish they made and AR with the same concept. I plan on buying another 5 or so "orange guns" because, they cost half the price of the blue guns. You can't go wrong, and you can save a buck in the process.
ProsFits your gear and accessories - such as holsters and rail mount lights and lasers.
Consminor con - inscribed with the Blackhawk name along the slide.
By Paul
Alexandria, MN
January 24, 2016
Inexpensive Safety
I'm a use of force instructor for my agency. We use these demonstration guns to practice weapon retention. The orange guns make it easy to ensure there are no live weapons in the training area. Due to the holsters we are issued, I have to drill out the barrel to allow them to fit, but the process is simple and easy. These demonstration guns are an enexpensive alternative to the blue/red gun brand.
ProsAccepts weapon lights. Easy identification as a training gun.
ConsNot exact weight of real firearm.
By bianchikid
January 21, 2016
Great Training Tool
Great detail and exactly what I needed for training. Big plus is these are allot cheaper than 'blue' guns and just as good.
ProsPerfect for training
ConsNot as heavy as 'blue' guns and I wish they came in more 'flavors'
By Gary
Edwardsville, IL
November 21, 2015
Training gun
Works as well as a blue gun and less expensive.
By Geoffrey
Hazlehurst, GA
October 5, 2015
great training aid
I have the orange one and I love it. I have the glock 17/22 version and it works great in my glock holsters. I have attached my TLR1 and it works great also. No problem fitting in the holster.
Prosgreat price and works great.
By John
Greater Pittsburgh area
May 22, 2015
Demo Gun only!
I was disappointed to find that the 1911 model I purchased would not fit either my SAFARFILAND 6004 or FOBUS Paddle. It will still be used in some capacity for training and the overall quality was OK.
ProsIt can be used for some training applications.
By Fred
Covington, KY
May 18, 2015
Blackhawk demo guns excellent
Excellent price and item. It was a backordered item but actually showed up with the original order.
By Jon
Portland, Maine
May 9, 2015
Well worth it
Perfect training tool for martial arts. Exactly like blue gun, but half the price
ProsExcellent training tool
By John n
South Carolina
February 10, 2015
I was looking for an inexpensive alternative for my glock. I train a lot of people , cops and civilians. I have always checked and double checked my firearms but was still afraid to have that shot to off. This is excellent. My department checked it out and is looking at ordering a group of them. Fits every holster I own- just like it should. The sights are not grooved if you are trying to get a sight picture- but that is fine- that's not why I bought it. Great- great item
Ft.Worth, TX
November 27, 2014
G19 demo gun for mold
Purchased the G19 Blackhawk demo gun for holster making. The price was great compared to other molds. The width measurements on the slide and trigger guard are just under the actual gun but then again it was made as a demo. For the price, and a couple of pieces of blue tape you can't beat it. Holding up well to the heat so far after 15 holsters. Definitely got my monies worth and shipping was pretty darn quick.
By John R Shirley
Fort Meade
November 24, 2014
Cheap and Good
Good 1911 size and shape. Well priced. Fits holsters made for 1911 with rail. Bought to use in my MA class, and so far, isnworking well. Have ordered a M9 trainer for my SO.
ProsInexpensive Accurate size
ConsA couple of sharp edges from the mold that needed to be sandpapered down.
By Richard
Sac Ca
November 1, 2014
Good value safe training
I like the color. The unit is a little light in weight. Fits my holsters very well.
ProsColor, price and size
ConsI wish the made a sig 229 and if it was a bit heaver
By Michael Keyes
Fond du Lac, WI
October 30, 2014
A practical use for the Demo Gun
I am making my own holsters these days and having accurate reproductions of various pistols is a great help. Blackhawk demo guns fit the bill since they are reasonably priced, waterproof, and come in a variety of types.
By Matt
October 30, 2014
As described. Solid polymer. It fits in my holsters and is a great training tool
By Joe
Troy, Ohio
October 29, 2014
Great price, excellent training tool
Great product for the price. Great, safe, training tool, used in CCW and Basic Police environment. Able to show students proper hand placement and feel of a Glock 17. Used for weapon retention, take away drills, building search scenarios, etc. Overall a great training tool.
ProsExcellent training tool
ConsWish rear sight was grooved so gun could help with site alignment drills.
By Kevin
Cincinnati, OH
October 29, 2014
Great demo fun
Picked up this training gun on clearance and couldn't be happier. I use it for gun safety classes.
ProsGreat price, easy to modify sights to OEM
Los Angeles, CA
October 29, 2014
Perfect alternative to expensive blue guns
These replicas are perfect. Great feel and true to size. Why spend 2-3 times more for blue guns when these work just as well for training
By Arne
October 15, 2014
Excellent training pistol
I have a number of these in Glock 17, 1911, Sig P226, Beretta 92 and S&W snubbie. These are true to spec to the real gun, work in all holsters for the real guns, and are wonderful for training correct gun handling. There is no notch in the rear sight, except for the S&W which does have the notch. I used a chain saw file, and made my own notches in just a minute. These are hard to find, and LAPG has the best price that I have found on the web.
ProsTrue to size and dimensions of the real guns. Bright orange easily identifiable as a training gun. All details are perfect. Priced MUCH BETTER than red guns or blue guns.
ConsNo rear sight notch on semi-auto models, but easily remedied with a small round file.
By Jerry
September 30, 2014
It's a plastic gun alright...
For an uncoming training, I found myself in need of a red gun. My agency didn't have one immediately available with rails so I ordered this thing. I needed it to perform several tasks: 1) fit in the holster correctly, 2) hold the light that's on my duty weapon, and 3) be an annoying color. It did most of these tasks very well. The only caveat is that if you have a Safariland holster with the barrel pin in the bottom, you will need to drill out the "barrel" of the plastic gun. It took me about five minutes to accomplish and that included time to find the drill and drill bit.
ProsHolds weapon light. Cheaper than a red gun.
ConsMy "friends" laughing at the color. The above mentioned drilling.
By Frank
South Carolina
July 25, 2014
Great price, quality, and application.
The Blackhawk training guns are the best price for value. The weight and design allows for proper safety training and holster fit. Safety orange color is an added safety and visibility factor. After purchasing the original one, I've gone back and purchase other models for use in training.
ProsGreat product and design.
ConsWish the revolver was available in safety orange color. Use of the grey color doesn't easily contribute to recognizable safety factor.
By Kevin Goins
Mooresville Indiana
June 7, 2014
Great product!
I bought several of these and they are by far worth every penny
By Bruce
Austin, Tx
May 15, 2014
As good as the others for less money
I use this trainer to practice disarming techniques.
ProsSturdy and expensive.
By Wayne
May 11, 2014
great product
Product arrived quickly and is high quality.
By John
March 10, 2014
Orange Glock Trainer
I have used the Blackhawk demo guns for several years. It gives everyone a solid sense of safety. They fit my officers duty and off duty holsters and other than a weight differential, they balance the same and feel solid in the hand. Great product !
ProsA gorilla would have a difficult time tearing this demo gun up. excluding chewing it to pieces! Of course. I have purchased 21 of these demos and have had no issues with them.
By kevin
rocky mount, nc
March 6, 2014
Great training aid
I teach concealed carry and use these in the early stages of class to demonstrate correct grip, and finger off trigger, presentation from holster, etc. They fit every holster the real gun does and serve me well. They also cost half of what the blue guns cost yet serve the same purpose.
ProsCost, quality
ConsNo open notch in rear sight to line up front sight with. This should be changed for production models and should be cheap to implement. Gun could be used to teach sight alignment, as well.
By Jim
Layton, Utah
February 22, 2014
Inexpensive Practice Gun
This practice gun has come in handy multiple times during classes and training. I bought the P226 which is a great representation dimensionally (albeit a little light). I will likely buy additional models soon.
ProsCosts less than competitor models.
ConsWeighs less expected.
By Steve
January 16, 2014
Good Value
Excellent, inexpensive way to test new holsters.
ProsAffordable, and correctly sized.
ConsLighter than the real thing.
By Adam
United States
December 9, 2013
Yep, their a plastic gun.
I've been using these as training props in my classes, and yeah, they are plastic guns. They fit in the holsters correctly which is nice.
By Brooks Lyman
Central Massachusetts
October 7, 2013
Does the job
Will be using this demo gun for safety training classes, teaching basic safe gun handling. possibly in schools and other places where a real gun could not be used.
ProsGood basic replica, very reasonable price.
ConsToo bad that there were not some moving parts (trigger, hammer, etc.), but then the price wouldn't be reasonable! It's not blue (no big deal).
By James
Kansas City, MO
September 27, 2013
Excellent for Training & Practice
Perfect for conducting demonstrations in front of a class safely. Practice draw, grip, stance & sight alignment anywhere.
By Mike Michaels
April 23, 2013
Great Product
I have the Sig one and the detail is excellent. I like the orange ones for classroom demonstration as it is obvious it is not a gun. I did have to cut my own notch in the rear sight. I'm going to pick up some more. 5 stars for the price and detail.
By Steve
December 2, 2012
black hawk demo gun
Good product at a good price. You may need to drill out the barrel to fit some holsters.

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